Our innovative ‘Employee Financial Resilience’ employee benefits system helps you attract and retain staff, particularly in competitive professions and industries.

Traditionally, financially based employee benefits have followed a take-it-or-leave-it insurance-based approach. All staff members were given exactly the same level of cover, with no variation or ability to tailor to needs – a “we pay - we decide” approach. 

Rising costs, the impact of FBT and KiwiSaver and a more demanding workforce has made this model obsolete. Employees now not only want to be actively involved in choosing their benefits, they also want help and advice in achieving financial goals - and are willing to share the cost. In addition, rather than being merely passive providers, employers are also a trusted source of advice.


  • Harder to attract and retain great staff – and employees are looking for more than salary
  • Good employers are looking to provide a well-rounded package
  • Hard to raise pay significantly in a low-inflation environment 
  • Staff financial & other worries take their focus from their job
  • Staff with medical concerns delay treatment, resulting in stress and lower productivity, or come back to work earlier than optimal
  • Employers are frequently asked about KiwiSaver options, yet can’t give advice and don’t want to choose
  • Traditional employee benefits approaches are costly, unwieldy and inflexible



Employee financial benefits are increasingly a valuable tool for employers to help attract and retain great staff, particularly in industries and professions such as engineering, IT, construction, professional services, and the creative industries. Traditionally based on group insurance schemes such as health cover on a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ basis, they’re now much wider and more nuanced, allowing for enterprises to tailor to their own needs. 

A great employee financial benefits approach goes beyond salary to cover a range of financial benefits for staff. They can include employer-subsidised health & insurance schemes, KiwiSaver seminars and advice, retirement planning advice, insurance and executive financial planning, all helping staff to do more, achieve more, and employers to reduce health & safety risks. We call it Employee Financial Resilience.


  • The Founder. Providing part or fully subsidised benefits
  • The Negotiator. Access to staff-only benefits and discounts
  • The Trusted Facilitator. facilitating access to quality professional financial advice, individually or company-wide



C2C Partners Employee Financial Resilience is an innovative, tailored, cost-effective employee benefits strategy and approach to financially based employee benefits that reflects the modern employment experience. 

Employee Financial Resilience takes a more holistic approach, with a focus on helping staff take financial control of their lives, thus facing the future with more confidence. By mixing and matching employer subsidies with employee choice, employers can achieve the best of both worlds - a range of benefits that employees really value, on a cost-effective basis.

Why is Employee Financial Resilience important to you?

Employee Financial Resilience is a powerful new framework that helps an enterprise understand, simply and clearly, how to meet two key employee needs:

  • Protecting Home Base - reducing the financial impact of major life events such as illness and disability, mixing and matching employer subsidised health schemes with individual choice and personalised advice.
  • Achieving Financial Independence - helping staff make smart decisions about their money to achieve their financial goals, integrating KiwiSaver, retirement planning, savings, and financial planning.


What are the benefits

  • Core and optional modules – assemble to match business and staff needs
  • Integrated with salary and other benefits to provide a “total solution” approach
  • A tailored, cost-effective financial employee benefits suite.
  • Can include all staff, some staff, or staff opt-in
  • Range of modules and options –  fully subsidised, part-subsidised, discount arrangements
  • Mix and match modules to meet your business’s needs

Peter offered us the chance to have an initial no-obligation meeting, which we took up. He spent much of that meeting really delving down into our values, relationships, who and what was important to us, but mainly what we wanted to achieve with our money.

Rob and Mary

Rob and Mary