We help individuals, businesses owners and employers achieve their goals

By working with us, you can tackle the world with confidence and achieve your dreams knowing your financial home base is protected.

Our clients usually have one or more of three broad roles: professionals and their families, business owner, CEO/senior manager. Whichever role you are, our range of integrated, innovative financial solutions helps you achieve financial resilience.

Professionals and their families

Problem: How do I make the right decisions for my future?

Taking an integrated and strategic approach, we can provide comprehensive financial planning, wealth management investment advice and solutions, wealth accumulation advice, ethical investment, risk audit and personal insurance advice. Through our network of professionals, we can also provide access to other services including estate planning, mortgage broking and UK pension transfer services.

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Business owners

Problem: How do I protect my investment?

Let us help you generate shareholder financial resilience through smooth and appropriately-funded transitions in the event of sudden changes, such as the death of a shareholder. Our Business Risk Audit identifies key human capital risks your business faces as well as strategies to minimise these risks. Our Transition to Retirement service is an integrated advice programme that helps professionals and SME owners become financially independent of their practice or business.

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Problem: How do I attract and retain top talent?

Our innovative Employee Financial Resilience employee benefits system helps you attract and retain staff, particularly in competitive professions and industries.

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C2C Partners

We provide a range of strategic, integrated financial solutions that help you make the most of your money. We’re passionate about working with clients who want to make a positive, sustainable difference to our world.


Let us help you build your legacy and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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