For-profit and non-profit services to provide peace of mind

Making the complex clear and simple, so you can make informed decisions and take charge of your business.
We call it “from complexity to clarity”.

Business Risk Management
“Human capital risks” include the death or disability of shareholders or key staff, which can have a severe impact on the organisation. Our Business Risk Management provides a robust framework for identifying key human capital risks, and putting in place effective solutions. It can include buy/sell agreements, shareholder protection, key person insurance and business expense cover.

Transition to Retirement
An effective exit strategy and transition to retirement is key to making the most of the accumulated value of your business, and ensure the proceeds are invested and managed wisely. In combination with our partners, we can provide a range of valuation, succession planning, legal and investment management services, so you can make the most of your Transition to Retirement.

Business Investment Advice
Ensuring the value of your organisation’s investments achieve stakeholder needs and expectations through a structured, evidence-based approach. Our solutions are based on long-term, low cost and proven strategies that help directors and trustees meet their obligations and requirements.

Trustee Investment Advice
Meeting your trustee investment obligations with quality investment advice is a legal and moral requirement, as wise stewards of your organisation’s funds,

We understand the critical importance of stewardship. Investing wisely and for the long term is crucial, to ensure funds will be there to meet your stakeholders’ needs. 

Our services include: 

  1. Designing an Investment Policy Statement (or reviewing the current one) to ensure the value of your organisation’s investments achieve stakeholder needs and expectations. 
  2. Developing and implementing structured, evidence-based solutions, based on long-term, low cost and proven strategies, to help trustees meet your obligations and requirements.
  3. Working with you over time, to help you manage and grow investment funds.

C2C Partners

We provide a range of strategic, integrated financial solutions that help you make the most of your money. We’re passionate about working with clients who want to make a positive, sustainable difference to our world.


Let us help you build your legacy and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

C2C Partners
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