We analyse, strategise and harmonise your finances to create sustainable futures

With years of experience across financial planning, wealth and investment management, risk, insurance and employee benefits, we’re able to identify wide-ranging problems, provide an integrated approach, and give good advice in many areas.


We are:

Fiercely unbiased and impartial, fee-based where possible,  and not owned, tied to or aligned to any product provider

Evidence-based, following a scientific approach that works in the long term, rather than trying to pick winners in the short term. Our investment portfolios are low-cost, widely diversified and based on Nobel Prize-winning research. As we say to our clients – ‘we do boring investments’.

Highly experienced, across many financial services and many market conditions. We’ve been there, seen that.


In everything we do, we believe in making a sustainable and enduring difference that leaves a legacy. We are driven to help our clients become financially resilient so they, too, can make a sustainable difference. We take a stewardship approach to working with you – your dreams, your staff, your families, your legacy as well as your finances.

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Who we help

We help people and their families achieve their goals, especially those going through transition – unexpected wealth such as an inheritance, transitioning to retirement, and sale of a business, helping them navigate their way to clarity and confidence.


We combine our technical expertise with an innovative mindset which drives our legacy-oriented approach. Just as an architect combines creativity and technical competence to create superbly effective buildings, we as ‘financial architects’ create elegant and effective financial solutions that work – and last. 

We work closely with our investment research partner and with other professionals such as accountants, lawyers and insurance specialists, coordinating our respective services for you.

We’re also committed to environmental, social and governance standards, are a member of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), and have expertise in responsible and ethical investment.

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Peter Lee – Principal and Chief Challenger

Originally trained as a scientist, Peter has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years in insurance, funds management, trustee services, banking and financial planning. This includes senior executive roles at Guardian Trust and ANZ Bank. Peter is also a former Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA), the industry’s peak financial advisory professional body. Through this, he had the opportunity to identify global best practice in financial planning advice – and he brings this valuable insight to you.

His forte, honed over two decades, has been the ability to bring "clarity from complexity" to hundreds of people and organisations, including professionals, SME principals and owners, senior managers and not-for-profits.

Peter has a special interest in sustainability and socially-responsible (ethical) investment. He was a founder-director of SBN, has launched two ethical investment funds and is an adviser member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia – one of only three NZ-based adviser members. He is also a practitioner member of the IFA.

As an Authorised Financial Adviser, his disclosure statement is free of charge, on request.


Damon O'Brien CFA, AFA, B Com (Economics & Operations Research), AIF©

Damon has 14 years' experience in the wealth management industry, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Damon's career path has included exposure to a boutique wealth management firm, a national advisory dealer group and a 'fund of hedge funds' company. Working in these differing businesses has provided him with a unique perspective across the wider investment and advisory industry in New Zealand.

He has a B Comm. majoring in Economics and Operations Research from University of Canterbury and, after joining the wealth management industry, went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) through Massey University


Dr Bart Frijns PhD

Dr Bart Frijns is a Professor of Finance at AUT and the Director of the Auckland Centre for Financial Research.

Since obtaining his PhD in Finance from Maastricht University in 2004, Dr Frijns has undertaken empirical research on topics ranging from the impact of regulations on financial markets, to volatility dynamics and price setting behaviour.

His research has been published in leading international journals and he is a regular speaker at international finance conferences.

Dr Frijns is also a Financial Risk Manager certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals and a Senior Affiliate of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.


"Never thought building a financial strategy with C2C would have been so beneficial. Not only are our finances in order but I have achieved my own personal goals."

C2C Partners

We provide a range of strategic, integrated financial solutions that help you make the most of your money. We’re passionate about working with clients who want to make a positive, sustainable difference to our world.


Let us help you build your legacy and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

C2C Partners
Peter Lee
Principal/Chief Challenger


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